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'An ancient race that constructed a tunnel system stretching all over Leram'

Burrowers, or, Dwarves had always maintained friendly ties, even after the Orcish War with the Daengards. Because of the early Burrowers’ alliance, this would prove bountiful for them and Leram to come. Burrowers were isolationists for many years, doing solely trade between the Daengards. Instead of  conducting their trade by horse and buggy, they designed a series of tunnels stretching all over Leram.

The Burrowers’ Tunnel System stretches all over Leram some leading to dead ends, others leading to sunlight. After the Orcish war ended, some of the Burrowers chose to no longer dwell underground. The dwarves were natural architects building their homes into the sides of mountains and hills. The Burrowers established their homes within the mountains primarily doing trading with the Daengards. 

It is a common mistake to think that the Burrowers’ kingdom was beneath ground. The Arch Burrowers, as the royal line is known, chose to construct their kingdom into a mountain side. The mountain was particularly chosen for it was rich in geodes and beautiful gems. The Burrower Kingdom is a stunning piece of architecture that races are more than welcome to, though, they will have to trevass a dangerous mountainscape just to see such a sight. 

The Tunnel System is centuries old. While there are still some Burrowers that inhabit the Tunnels, for the most part, it has been abandoned. Occasionally the odd travelers may come across a Burrower’s Hole which will lead into the tunnels. Burrowers advise non-Burrowers not to go into the tunnel incase of cave-ins or ‘Mole People’.

Burrower Dwarf Racial Leader: Thane Grinsbeard 

Appearance: Beards, stocky, Short

Racial Abilities:

  1. ‘Trapper’: Burrowers are known for their holes, but also their traps! Burrowers may mark the ground with a trap that will insare a target for one minute if stepped on. A Burrower may use ‘Trapper’ three times a day. 

  2. ‘DIG A HOLE!’’: Sometimes in the heat of a fight a Burrower will want to fight, but it is also best to know when to run and hide.  A Burrower, if uninterrupted for a minute, can create a hole in the ground large enough for two  players to hide in (Burrower will need to indicate two other players they are hiding in the hole; Burrower will hold fist over their head with the other two players behind them) Those hiding cannot be attacked for the duration that they are in the hole. Burrowers may do this once per day.

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