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'A race as old as Leram itself.'

Elves are said to be the eldest and most ancient race of Leram.  Elves are naturally gifted survivalists in the Woods and often dwell there, avoiding the business of modern society as much as they possibly can. Elves have seen the birth of modern innovation and the destruction of magic and nature. While they initially worked with Daengards teaching them the Old Ways of magic centuries ago, as the Daengards began to modernize and weaponize magic, the Elves withdrew further into the woods and the Well was created. 

The Elven Kingdom is known as The Well. The Well is a hidden place where only Elves may go. Elves are under a curse that forbids them from releasing the location of The Well or voluntarily leading others to it.  The Well is a magical landmark of Leram,where Elves may go to replenish their magic, pray, and study.

Racial Leader: High Arcanist Ceril 

Appearance Requirements: Elf ears, Elvish Facial Markings (Optional)

Important Note: Elves CANNOT play Inventors.

Racial Abilities:

  1. ‘Into the Woods’: With successful coverage, Elves may go invisible, but this can only be done in the Woods. (Crossing arms over chest to indicate invisibility); If an Elf moves from their hiding spot, they have fifteen seconds to run before their invisibility wears off. 

  2. ‘Historian’: Once per game an Elf may spend five minutes, uninterrupted to examine an object or rune identifying past history and possible use. Unfortunately ‘Historian’ does not work on Technology. 

SUBRACE: ‘The Fae’: The Fae are an ancient race of Elves that branched away from the Well. They draw their powers from nature.; flowers and leaves grow from their being and they are intune with a certain season (Fall, Winter, Spring, Summer). While not forbidden from entering the Well, The Fae typically live nomadic lifestyles. 

Important Note: The Fae CANNOT wield ANY invention nor take the inventing class. For every ten seconds that a Fae holds an invention they lose two hit points. They have the same racial abilities as Elves.

ELVES: Programs
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