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'Creators of Technology, the Bane of Raia'

Goblins and Goblin Society have gone through many power struggles in Leram. While First Goblins were subservient to Elves centuries ago, they would soon forsake such roots to pursue innovation and technology. Goblins with their innovative techniques  paved the way for the other races of Leram to invent and weaponize magic. After the Orcish War, the goblins wanted to be able to protect themselves should there ever be another race to rise.

It is said that Raia was so enraged by the First Goblins’ actions that she cursed the Royal Lineage for years to come. Some believe the myth to be true as every royal Goblin family had at least one royal member that had a streak of madness. Goblins held their breath whenever a new royal was born.

Eventually the Goblin Civil War would break out between Duchess Cogwheel and Duke Steamstomp. Ultimately, Duchess Cogwheel with the new help of Orcish allies, would defeat Duke Steamstomp and drive him and his forces underground. Duchess Cogwheel and majority of Goblins joined the Orcs in their capital, Helskull, though some are still loyal to the old regime. 

Goblin Racial Leader: Duchess Daisy Cogwheel

Goblin Appearance: Yellow, greenish skin colours, pointed ears

Goblin Abilities:

  1. ‘Bane of Raia’: It takes Goblins half the time to complete inventions as well as take objects apart in a safe manner. 

  2. ‘Best Price on the Market’: Goblins, savvy traders, may use this ability once a day to get an item half off from a merchant. 

GOBLINS: Programs
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