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Sims 4 Boxing Mod

If you love to watch other sims suffer, then this mod is best for you. Make fighting as your sim professional career and make your way up to the fame of a UFC champion. The specialization includes Debut, Fighting Promise, Contender, Champion, and Retired. Step up into the world of professional fighting, and master your skills as a fighting career.

Sims 4 Boxing Mod

When it comes to fighting, the sims 4 brawl mod has the best animation. It uses the base game fight interaction and adds some new tweaks for fighting techniques. No conflict will occur in this mod, as it uses the pre-build animation files.

Traditionally, if you fight in the sims 4, a giant smoke cloud appears in the way. It hides all the fighting fun and just shows the winners. The sims 4 combat mod removes this cloud from the sims and adds some more combat fighting. There are three fighting interactions in the game, The Headlock, Slap Fight, and Round House punch. These are overridden with Trick with a hand buzzer, Scare and Slap Silly.

The mod gets rid of the boxing gloves in the game and allows you to train in the punching bag barehanded. You can use this mod on Gym or any of the build Mode punching bag. Delete the mod if you want your gloves back.

Game on! Time to kick ass. - Is your sim a fitness fanatic or a hot headed street fighter?Struggle your way down the path of becoming a professional fighting champion. Go training in Thailand, master muay-thai and choose the league you want to become a master in: boxing, kickboxing or UFC!Careers are based on real fighter career journey: make sure you never miss a training! Can you make it to the top? Design and build a gym that has everything your sim could possibly need. Give him/her all the opportunities for becoming a true champ.Become a true champ, fight your way up on either of the three ranks: WBA boxing, K1 Kickboxing or UFC MMA!

Levels introductionary:INTRO1 - Gym regularINTRO2 - Sparring groupINTRO3 - Thailand ExpediteINTRO4 - Amateur fighter Levels specialisation (LEVELBOXINGKICKBOXINGUFC):SPEC1 - DebutSPEC2 - Fighting promise * Octagon PromiseSPEC3 - ContenderSPEC4 - ChampionSPEC5 - RetiredOpportunities - N/A yetAspiration:- Bodybuilder - FortuneWorkdays: friday OR saturday at 17:00/19:00, randomly through-out the levels.Salary: first pay at Amateur Fighter before specialization (50)Beginning of specialization: 50-70Contender: 200Champion: 500Retired: 300PTO: None, a fighter had to stay in shape and has a busy schedule. Once you go into retiring, you have full PTO.Code:Note from creator:- I hate 'working' sims, as they are not being managed. Sims only go to work for the actual match, which means you can micro-manage their training in a flexible way.Recommend violence mod to reproduce a 'beaten-up' sim face after a fight.Installation: extract all to mods folder!


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