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Dameware 9 Activation Key ((FULL))

just picked up dameware mini remote control in version 8.5 and i see this message, a challenge, so i enter the response, ok, and the dameware mini remote control asks me for a serial number and product registration code. what do i enter for the serial number and product registration code?

Dameware 9 Activation Key


support desk is very good, very quick to answer questions and help other users in the same situation. i have used solarwinds for 5 yrs and this is the fastest i have used them. hands on support is excellent, with knowledge of all software and software problems. although their support is very good, occasionally i have had a problem that the support person was not sure about. this is rare. this solarwinds support continues to be the best i have ever worked with. i have found, please correct me if i am wrong but the last sales rep i worked with they would have the same sales rep answer all the questions, i have asked about 90 questions and he replied all of them but if i had a question about the software he would not answer it. if you have a question about software please not only ask the sales reps but other users as well. i am a consultant and i use solarwinds products every day, so i know what is a common question and what is not common question.

every time i have send a support ticket i always get an email back within 15 minutes. easy to use and a good customer support. but good support is more than just a simple email, its the speed, the methods and the professionalism you use and your willingness to answer questions. support also has to be available to answer any type of questions, even after hours. they also have to have the knowledge about the products to answer your question. they can't just respond with a simple solution, they must have knowledge about the issues you are facing, so they can help you with a more professional advice. its important that you make a feedback about what you are expecting from the support. don't expect to get an answer if its not polite. there should be a minimum of 3 tickets minimum to know if they are helpful. these are customer expectations.


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