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Download UPD File FPS Builder

get_appDownload get_appMirrorVersion 1.8.1 (04/12/2022)New Features- Added 41 new profile icons from MM&B, MM I-V GB and Fortress bosses. - Adding Top Water and its gray version.Changes-Water Height Marker can now be on the same height as another marker with a different number option.-Adjusted volumes of several SFX to be more inline with the volume of other SFX.-Editor options for various objects now have custom icons to better represent their function.-30XX's music track is now a permanent track instead of having to be unlocked.Fixed Bugs-Crystal Eye crashes the game when hitting a wall.-Uranus platform crashes the game after being activated once and leaving the section.-After moving boss on builder, when playing the level online or offline, the game may crash on the start of the level.-Shooting on Brain Break with a piercing weapon crashes the game.-Shooting on a Party Ball and then entering a Boss Door crashes the game.-Shooting on a Party Ball and then entering a Boss Door makes 2 players visible.-Placing a S.Arm block on top of a Floating Balloon crashes the game when reaching a ceiling.-Moving a screen in the builder may result in a crash later when placing tiles where the previous screen was.-Rain with Section Wide Water sometimes crashes the game.-Spawning Spark Chaser on a projectile that reflects shots crashes the game.-Dying or using the quick reset shortcut right after taking an invisible checkpoint may crash the game.-Game crashes when a boss is killed during the boss intro health filling up.-Mobile Push Block may crash the game when on springs or leaving ground.-Having two Checkpoints next to each other can create duplicates of keys.-Dynamo BG 2 has its name being Dynamo BG 2 Alt 1.-Player can activate a ceiling Astro Button by jumping on it.-Ring Man doesn't work properly if two of them exist in the level.-You cannot have two Boobeam boss fights in two different sections, the other fight will never start.-Wily machine 4 crashes the game if you do a Quick Reset just after health finishes filling up.-Wily machine 6 crashes the game if you do a Quick Reset just after health finishes filling up.-When placing multiple Low Grav Section in the level, only one can work.-Tango sometimes crashes the game when leaving the screen.-Tango sometimes doesn't break Tango Weapon Blocks and Weapon Barriers.-Weapon Blocks and Weapon Barriers set to no weapon crashes the game when in contact with player Ice Wall, Pluto dashes and attacks, Cold Man Ice Wall, and burner attack from Burner Man-Ice Block Generator shooting an Ice Block on top of the player after taking an orb softlocks the game.-Builder sometimes crashes on startup.-Refilling both Health and Weapon Energy with modifiers at the same time crashes the game.-Bubble Lead doesn't remove Napalm Fire when it is over it.-Some Ladders don't work properly and you can walk on top of them even when stacked.-Section Wide Water is affected by markers out of sections.-Section Wide Water affects the section below it.-Player is no longer able to enter into 2 tiles gap when falling from far.-Clicking the online button in builder softlocks the game.-Tengu Blade has a bit of delay at start.-Tengu Blade delay for the blade to appear is a bit too long.-Waterfall delay option is not working.-Waterfall going upwards can make the player enter inside tiles until it is fully spawned.-Touching an Energy Element to end the level causes Uber Chain's ammo to instantly drain to 0.-Uber Chain ammo draws fractional parts rounded up, leading to the bar looking full when you are still missing a bit of ammo required to activate. -Uber Chain effect stays when the weapon is removed with a weapon remover capsule in weapon slot 0.-Waterfall being on screen when the level finishes crashes the game.-Reflecting Burner Man impact wave with Jewel Shield crashes the game.-Sea mine crashes the game when leaving and re-entering water multiple times.-Splash Woman out of water with darkness crashes the game when singing.-Pressing up to take a ladder while sliding under a Magnetic Ceiling Conveyor crashes the game.-Copy Vision on top of Wannan crashes the game if the player dies.-Ice Wall going down in Wide Section Water can phase through the ground.-Crash Bomber can attach itself to Gimmmicks that are top solids.-Player is sometimes not carried properly by moving platforms.-Mobile Push Block on conveyors doesn't move properly what's above itself.-Tiles and Backgrounds have outdated icons in the builder menu.-Standing between two Invisible Checkpoints can crash the game due to too many sparkling effects.-Frozen Flame Pillar solid is not properly destroyed when getting out of view.-Dive Tile 2 is not animated.-When the player is on top of a push block he sometimes can not be crushed by another push block falling on them.-Sydecka Drill doesn't reflect projectiles on hit.-Rain particles in contact with Section Wide Water don't appear when they land on the surface of water.-Gb Dust 2 Tiles are the same as Gb Dust Tiles.-Illusians icons in the builder menu are outdated.-Pirate using Water from Wily 3, Wily 4 and Wily 6 gets softlock into his rising water phase.-Napalm Fire first frames on spawn are wrong when set to unlit.-Astro Doors stop at ladders and top solids which was not the case before.-Depending on room layout, Yellow Devil split isn't working properly.-Boobeam Trap does not deal damage properly when Time Slow is used as a weakness.-Boobeam Trap are instantly killed when Gravity Hold and Centaur Flash were used as weaknesses.

Download File FPS Builder

get_appDownload get_appMirrorVersion (2/8/2017)New Features-Significantly reduced lag on large levels. This should make most levels run at a consistent frame rate on low-end PCs.-This is the last time you'll have to update the game manually, thanks to an auto-update system Mors wrote!-Added support for one-click level plays; the Discord bot has been updated accordingly, so whenever you or someone else tells the bot to display a level, you can click the link and immediately play it without having to enter the ID manually. Please note that you will have to launch the game at least once before making use of this feature.-The game automatically creates a backup of your level every two minutes. If you quit the game abruptly or if the game crashes, you can load this backup when loading your level again. This should prevent major data loss. Make sure to set your level name as soon as you can, otherwise this backup feature does not work.-Added Pointan, that cute cursor from the trailer (and Mega Man 10 for that matter). He now replaces your cursor in the editor and menus! You can disable him in the options menu, but you'd make Pointan very sad.-Added an optional grid in the level builder.-The level introduction screen is now skippable by pressing Jump or Start/Pause.-You can now log out through Extras > Profile > Log out.-You can also press Control + S in the editor to save your level.-You can now decrease an object's number (e.g. that of Yoku Blocks or Time Bombs) by pressing the right mouse button.Changes-The "Log in" now displays "Log in instead" to make it more obvious that this is not the button to click for account creation.-The background color palette in the settings category now better matches the colors used in actual backgrounds.-"Got stuck on left" errors removed in favor of no camera boundaries. It may still look weird, but at least it doesn't crash the game.-Shine and Nado now have 8-bit sound effects.-Green Quick Lasers now have a custom draining sound effect.-Tiles now only "attach" to section borders when that section isn't used. In other words, whether or not a section is connected doesn't have an impact on tiles anymore. This should fix a bug where some terrain isn't solid (levels created in previous builds may still have non-solid terrain, though).-Whenever you create a new level, the default music is randomized; this should get rid of the overuse of the Cut Man theme.-When the game fails to upload your level, it now asks you if you want to try again (previously it automatically re-tried up to five times, but people wanted to see this changed).-Changed the way the Charge Kick Double Jump works. Previously, you had to switch weapons during the Charge Kick before being able to double jump; now, you can double jump regardless of whether you switch weapons or not, but you can only do so at the end of the slide. Mega Man flashes to indicate when you can double jump.Fixed Bugs-Tutorial theme is Time Man instead of MM7 intro stage.-The nado climbing glitch.-Plant Barrier can absorb the MM1 Fire Block's and the MM1 Elec Block's "projectiles", whereas Star Crash and Skull Barrier get destroyed by them.-Dying on the same frame a transition happens crashes the game (playerCameraInit error).-Whenever you use Rush Jet while transitioning screens, if you switch off of the jet at any point during the transition, the game crashes.-Enemy drops such as weapon energy persist after leaving a screen.-Going through a boss door during the victory jingle crashes the game.-Pressing Escape in the tutorial while placing an object, then selecting No will prevent you from placing anything.-Enemies can still get hit while the game is paused.-Mute does not get rid of the sound made by an E-tank or M-tank filling your health up.-If you place both a boss and party ball in a level, then play the stage and beat it through the party ball, you can place another boss.-Quick lasers don't reset when switching sections.-If you jump on the frame you land, you always do a full hop even if you let go of the jump button early.-Sliding under a ceiling and trying to climb down a ladder forces you into the ceiling.-If you Charge Kick under a ceiling you do not stop sliding even if you're in the air, sometimes preventing you from moving.-If you load a level offline (build) then enter an ID online, it will display Edit instead of Play.-Quick switch weapons on the same frame you pause, then unpause without moving in the menu -> use ammo from a different weapon.-Collisions with yoku blocks are a bit glitchy.-You can slide through spikes with Skull Barrier.-If you perform a frame-perfect jump on spikes, you don't die.-If you throw a weapon on ice, you stop immediately instead of sliding.-You can't Charge Kick into Charge Kick blocks/barriers when standing a few pixels away from them.-If you get hit into a spike, then wait until your invincibility runs out and walk into the spike, you don't die.-If you use Flash Stopper, then scroll a Time Bomb on screen, it won't be solid. 041b061a72


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