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Tacx Trainer Software 4.0 Key 30

i just got the fulgaz app for the first time. i have tried it on two different smart trainers and it does not work on either. i have not received any kind of error message. i have this app downloaded and installed on my laptop and it works perfectly. so, i am assuming that the issue i am having is that the app is not compatible with my trainer. is that correct?

tacx trainer software 4.0 key 30

i have found the placement of the i/o to be a bit awkward. the right thumbrest is easy to access, but there is no way to adjust the right hand resistance. the left thumbrest is much better for this. also, the left toe rest seems to be a little bit away from the toe clip which is a bit of a pain. the trainer also seems to have a tendency to fall off while riding (this is the trainer it replaced).

has anyone used the tacx trainer software on a smart trainer other than the fulgaz? i am using the fulgaz with the direto. i am curious what you find useful about it. i bought the fulgaz with the thought that i would be able to have a normal workout plus a structured workout with this app. i have found it difficult to use the app with the trainer, but very easy to use with a dumb trainer. i would like to know what you think about it.

i received my trainer tonight, i tried it last night and it connected immediately. i do have a question about the trainer. when you first turn it on it says to allow it to connect but it doesnt say anything else. then the next day it says to be sure to pair it to your phone. i did that, paired it and it never asks me to allow it to connect. when i first turned it on it had a name and it connected to my phone and i was able to set the trainer to connect to the phone. is it supposed to be this way?


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