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'Friendly, Nomadic,Caring'

Hep’lops, easily the friendliest race in all of Leram, have no kingdom or domain that they call their own. Hep’lops spring forth from the ground during the warm season and it is rare for Hep’lops to be born during the Winter. Hep’lops are creatures with fungi-like heads and are known to have other various flowers/fungi growing on their being. Hep’lops have natural healing abilities and often travel the realm trying to help those in need. 

Although Hep’lops do not have a racial leader of their own, Queen Estrova of the Daengards has ordered their universal protection throughout the realm. Hep’lops primarily stick to nature though are known to be curious and wander into industrialized towns.

Racial Leader: None

Appearance: Mushroom like; mushroom hat etc; flowers

Racial Ability

  1. ‘Heal’: Every Hep’lop regardless of class has a healing touch ability. Every hour, they may restore three HP. (Can be split among players or themselves) 

  2. ‘Identify Herb’: Hep’lops can identify herbs in the woods. Better check those magic mushroom before you eat them!

HEP'LOPS: Service
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