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'These may be the droids you're looking for'

Inventions are created by an Inventor and each Invention -must- have a player Inventor. An Invention is a creation that is mechanical in appearance. Players may choose a race to choose to base their invention on.

Appearance: Mechanical appearance

Racial Abilities: 

  1. ‘Tank, Support, Damage’: When an invention is created they are designated to be either a tank, support, or damage unit for their Inventor. If you are within twenty feet of your Inventor, both gain either before battler:

    1. 3 AP 

    2. Dodge

    3. Restore 1 HP

  2. ‘Till Death Do Us Part’: If your inventor falls in combat, you have a minute to get your Inventor stabilized. If your Inventor is not stabilized, you automatically shut down until the Inventor rises. If the Inventor is killed then the Invention will hibernate for the rest of the game. By the start of the next game the Invention may choose to come back to game with or without an Inventor. 

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