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'From disastrous beginnings to High Society'

The sudden presence of Orcs in the first days of Leram shook the realm to its core. Seeming to appear from out of nowhere and multiply at a rapid rate, Orcs seemed nothing more than to be ravenous beasts. Orcs had almost wiped out all life on Leram, however, one day the Orcs withdrew from their conquest on the realm. 

It is said that in Creation Myth, that Atramedes intervened in the Orcish War and blessed the Orcs with wisdom, helping them to see the errors in their ways. Orcs withdrew from their onslaught and began the construction of their kingdom, Helskull. Tribes fought for dominance, though eventually the Shur’kal line would serve as the ruling lineage for the Orcs.

Orc law strongly encourages defending those that cannot fight or defend themselves. Although Orcs may be granted the Blessing of Wisdom, there are still many races that are weary of the Orcs. Thane Ra’kash Shur’kal was the first of his reign to establish close ties with Duchess Cogwheel; he aided with the Goblin Uprising against Duke Steamstomp. After the Goblin Civil War, other races began to welcome Orcs back into their fold. 

Orc Racial Leader: Thane Ra’kash Shur’kal 

Orc Appearance: Green skin colours, pointed teeth, tusks

Racial Abilities:

  1. ‘Ironhide’: Orcs have one additional skill tree for Armor (The player may or may not use this tree, but is available to them). All Orcs have a natural defense of 2 AP.

  2. ‘Honor’: Orcs have a strict Code of Honor: defend those that cannot and to vanquish those that cause harm. If an Orc is the last man standing against their enemies they are granted an additional 3 hit points.

ORCS: Service
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