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'Guardians of the Waters of Leram'

Sirens were said to be the second eldest race in Leram. Elves were already skilled enough to protect nature on land, though what was needed were defenders in the waters of Leram. Foul fish monsters and tentacle eldritch horrors live beneath the  waters of Leram, though the Sirens have been responsible for staving off such attacks and preventing such creatures from reaching land. 

Four Siren tribes were established: the North, the East, the West, and the South. The Sirens of the South went extinct after their war with the Daengards of Irontown. It was up to the Sirens of the North, East, and West to broker a peace between the Daengards. After brokering this peace, the Sirens of the North, East, and West would align as one tribe ruled by the Matriarchs from North, East, and West.

Racial Leaders: Siren of the North, Siren of the East, Siren of the West

Appearance: Scales, gills, coloured hair 

Important Note: Sirens CANNOT play Inventors

Racial Abilities: 

  1. ‘Siren Song’: Every Siren may cast this twice a day. If a creature or player is targeted by Siren Song they are under the Siren’s control and must obey the Siren for a minute. 

    1. Example of Commands:

      1. “Freeze”

      2. “Attack”

      3. “Follow”

      4. “Steal”

      5. “Run”

  2. Underwater Breathing: Sirens can breathe underwater.

SIRENS: Programs
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