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Atramedes: The First God to create the realm, Leram. In order to further create in Leram Atramedes divided himself into two other Gods: Raia and Zura’bulba. Atramedes is known as the Father of the Realm and God of Wisdom. 

Raia: Was the first God created by Atramedes. Atramedes took Raia as his wife and together they created some of the first races on Leram. Raia is the Goddess of Magic and Creation. 

Zura’bulba: Was the second God created by Atramedes. Horrible and wicked in appearance, Raia was quick to judge Zura’bulba, though Atramedes acknowledge Zura’bulba as his brother. While it is no surprise, but Raia and Zura’bulba did not get along. Zura’bulba is known as the God of the Death and Harbinger of War.

The Tatterdemallion: The Beggar God of the overlooked, and of mercy and charity. The wandering God is depicted as a figure of rags and patches, often surrounded by vermin such as crows and rats. They are neither man, nor woman, and are both very young, and very old. Most followers believe the Tatterdemallion was born in the Splintering, but other origin myths abound. Some say the God is a deathless leper, wrapped in bandages beneath the hooded cowl, while others believe them to be a swarm of vermin. Few people call themselves followers of the Tatterdemallion, but many passersby will toss a coin to a beggar out of mercy, or more often, superstition. After all, that beggar might just be the wandering God themself, here to test a wealthy man’s compassion.

Delphier: The God of Fire and Order, Delphier is often sought after by Blacksmiths, Streetlighters, Generals, Judges, etc. Delphier appears often as a woman in crimson armed with a spear. She is said to provide guidance and bring true order to the realm. Unfortunately there is a militant group known as The Ever Burning Flame. They worship Delphier and bring those that they think impure and that disturb the order of Leram to the Flame.

Perelious the Gate Keeper: Perelious and Zura’bulba were birds of a feather. After the Splintering these two Gods created the Afterlands where the deceased are judged. Perelious operates the gate and puts souls through their first test. Some souls may have purposes still on Leram and so their time is not up - they are sent back to Leram as spectrals called Undertakers. Regardless of the deeds done in your life, good or bad, light or dark, the Gates to the Afterlands will open, however, what lies behind those gates is different for each soul.

Rosalie Red: Rosalie Red was said to be a demi-god born to human parents. Rosalie Red was born as a beautiful full grown woman, killing her mortal mother in the process. Her father shocked by his daughter’s beauty, died of shock. Rosalie took her father’s red cloak and cut the roses in her mother’s garden and set off to travel Leram. Rosalie Red was a patron of the arts; she loved thespians, poets, and bards trying to spend much of her time with them. In addition, she was known to make races of Leram fall in love when she gifted them a rose. Rosalie Red is known as the Patron of Arts and Goddess of Love.

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