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The Father of Leram, Atramedes, grew tired of the politics of the races and the squabblings of Raia and Zura’bulba. For a fortnight, Atramedes combatted Raia and Zura’bulba  all over the skies. He wanted to absorb Raia and Zura’bulba back into his being in order to create Leram in his ideal image. 

It is said that during that time all was dark as clouds rolled in blocking even the sun’s light. There were flashes of lighting and fire through out the skies as the races watched on until eventually hundreds of lights pierced through the clouds scatering all across Leram. The lights fell from the skies and the clouds would clear.

While there are still some that worship Gods, most believe that during the Splintering that Atramedes, Raia, and Zura’bulba had ultimately split themselves further into other Gods and Demi-Gods.

Many Gods exist within Leram now and each of these Gods have followers that look towards their deity for guidance and wisdom.

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The Splintering of Atramedes, Raia, and Zura’bulba: Programs
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